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Harold Larwood | Lois Larwood

wapos знакомства полярные зори

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She never walked anywhere. Two of her dearest friends were Nellie Pawson, a fellow emigrant from Yorkshire and Dolly Willcox her next door neighbour. For many years my own family made the long trip to Sydney, often taking two days to travel.

Mum always made eight Christmas cakes; one for each of us, one for her two friends and one for herself. This tradition continued for many years. Will anyone ever forget the family photos we used to take, with Iain setting the camera and then running into the photo at the last second? Her cooking skills were legendary — mince pies, lemon meringue pies, Yorkshire puds and Anzac biscuits, being some of her specialities.

Earlier this year I received a phone call from my elder daughter ,Jennifer. He developed a sleight of hand, whereby he managed to help himself to two and hide one under his thumb so that it only looked like one.

I never had the heart to dob him in.

wapos знакомства полярные зори

Several of his sons in law and grandsons have also perfected this technique. She maintained that they were better off in the garden and lasted longer. If she had a spare moment it would be spent sweeping up leaves, watering or picking off dead flowers. Every thing had to be just so. She had her methods for doing things. Iain often tells about the times he spent in Sydney. After he had done his washing and hung it out to dry, Mum would sneak out and rearrange every article according to her ways.

Mum would have none of it and insisted on hanging them up by the toes! Husband and family came first with Mum. They were the only things that mattered. When Dad passed away, after a marriage which had lasted for nearly 68 years, it was such a shock for her that she retreated into her own little world.

But she always greeted us with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Sometimes she forgot our names but never our faces. She had six happy years in Chesalon where she was very well loved and cared for and I would like to thank very sincerely the members of staff for their love and care of Mum. For the first time in her busy life she was able to sit and enjoy the flowers. We all had many conversations with her about the types and colours of the flowers we had brought.

In the nursing home she only ever had two requests to make of the nurses or anyone else who happened to be near. She chose her time to leave us very carefully and thoughtfully, knowing that we would all be surrounded by our families to give us love and support.

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We shall miss her terribly but are all comforted by the knowledge that she is with her beloved Harold again. After I heard the news on Tuesday morning, I finally went back to sleep and I had a dream which I would like to share with you.

I was walking down a dark street, in a group, when we came to a lighted window. Standing at the window looking out with smiles on their faces were Mum and Dad. I was comforted by this image. To us she was Mum, to her grandchildren she was Nana and to her great grand children she was Little Nana, to distinguish her from her daughters who all wanted to be Nana just like their Mum. They are not gone.

They live on in all of us.

wapos знакомства полярные зори

You only have to look at your children or grandchildren to see Mum and Dad in them somewhere. Even the youngest member of the family at six months, stops in his tracks when he sees cricket on the Television! My granddaughter, aged two ,uses her hands very expressively when speaking, especially the hands on the hips, just like mum used to do.

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